Home Invasion

Chapter 2

Kirsten’s Anal Rape


By Powerone

Copyright 2007-9



Kirsten was scared when the convicts broke into the house, her father tied up, her mother led away to be raped by at least two of the men.  Her mother thought she had secured her daughter’s innocence, but as soon as Kirsten was led to her room by Joe she knew that she would be raped.  Or worse.  She saw the bulge in his pants.  It was huge, Kirsten sure that he would ruin her forever with such a formidable weapon.  While not a virgin, her boyfriend had taken her innocence last year in a parked car at the drive-in, she was not very experienced.  Occasional petting and if necessary, hand jobs kept her boyfriend at bay.


“Please don’t rape me”, Kirsten begged Joe as the door shut with such finality behind her.  Her room looked so menacing now, not a girls bedroom, a bed to sleep in, now a platform to be raped.


“I’m not going to rape you little girl. You’re going to fuck me.  All by yourself.  I’m going to sit back and enjoy it.  Because if you don’t, I’ll beat your naked ass raw until you can’t sit down.  And then you’ll still fuck me.”  He pulled the belt out of his pants, the three inch wide black leather belt a powerful weapon, especially if he beat her ass with the metal buckle.  “Now are you going to obey?”  He slapped the belt hard against the dresser, making sure that she saw the dent the metal buckle put in the wood.


She jumped with the loud snap of the belt on her dresser.  She looked, a wide gouge left by the metal buckle.  She knew he would do it to her.  And probably enjoy it.  “Please don’t hurt me.”  She knew she didn’t have any choice, it was either rape or being beaten and still being raped.  “I’ll do what you want.”


Joe began to unbutton his pants. Since his belt was already off, he might as well let Kirsten see what she was going to have inside her.  He pushed his pants down, kicking them off his legs.  He stroked his cock through his shorts.  Kirsten looked away.  “Watch it Kirsten.  See the cock that’s going to split you up the middle.  I’ve been told that I’m hung like a horse.”  He laughed at the shocked look on her face as he pushed his shorts down and kicked them off, his hand hefting his thick cock in front of her.


He was right, his cock as big as a horse.  It must be at least a foot long.  She had never seen anything that big, her boyfriend’s cock small compared to his.  She was sure that she wouldn’t even get her hand around it, sure that she would be forced to do it.  And the head was as big as a Coke can.  It was going to be painful to take something that big inside her, even more painful when he fucked her with it.  He was stroking it, Kirsten shocked to see it grow even bigger.  She couldn’t even volunteer to suck it instead of having him fuck her, sure that it would tear her lips.  Or worse, he would try to force it down her throat, positive that he would choke her to death with it.


Joe finished taking off his clothes until he was naked, sitting down on the chair, his hand still stroking his cock.  “You’ve seen me naked.  Now it’s your turn.  Show me some skin Kirsten.”


She had no choice, Joe sitting naked on her chair, masturbating so unashamedly, waiting for her to strip naked for him.  Her fingers nervously unbuttoned the tops to her pajamas, the front opening up, exposing her naked cleavage to his eyes.  She felt so ashamed, slipping the men’s pajama top off her shoulders, her naked breasts revealed to an older man that was intent on raping her.  She turned red in shame as her nipples hardened in the cool air of the night.


“Arch your back.  Stick out your tits.”  He wanted to humiliate her fully.  She didn’t hesitate, sure that she realized the futility of defying him.  Still she would require some pain later to get her to accommodate him.  He intended to force her to ass fuck him, making her sit on his giant cock and shove it slowly into her reluctant asshole.  Only than would he fuck her, making her ride his erection until he flooded her bowels with his hot cum.  She had nice tits, large nipples that already hardened, made for sucking.  Maybe he would ride his cock between them, always enjoying a nice tittie fuck to get his cock back to fullness.  Kirsten would do lots of fucking and sucking before they were through with her.  She would never forget this night.  Joe’s eyes gazed down to the mound that pushed the thin panties out, her thighs clenched tightly together as if she could hide any of her treasures from his eyes.  “Spread your legs for me Kirsten.  No reason for such modesty.  You’ll be naked and my cock inside you before you know it.”  His hand made a broad stroke up and down his cock, a glint of cum glistening on the head, making it easy to masturbate his cock.


She spread her legs, looking down, her panties pulled tightly over her mound, Kirsten able to make out her slit in the almost transparent material.  She waited for his next order, his voice breaking the silence.


“Turn around, let me see that lovely ass.”  He couldn’t wait to feast his eyes on her ass, Joe’s preference to enjoy a girl’s tight asshole.  It wasn’t so much the tightness, but the indignation the girl suffered when taken in such an unnatural manner.  He loved their gasps of surprise when first entered, the painful groans as they were stretched beyond limits, the realization that the only way they would survive was to accommodate him.  And unlike a pussy, the asshole could take all of his cock, nothing more enjoyable than to feel the guts of a girl cushioning his thick cock in a pillow of clenching muscles.  And the final humiliation, filling her bowels with a sperm enema, his abundant cum filling her belly.  She turned, leaving her legs spread, already learning the lesson of submission.  Her plump cheeks teased him, pushing out the thin panties, her crack easily distinguished all the way down to her pussy, peeking out from behind.  “Bend over and grab your ankles.  Keep your legs spread.  Show me everything!”


Kirsten grew dizzy as the blood rushed to her brain, feeling her panties draw tighter over her cheeks, spreading her legs wider in hopes of pleasing him.  She gripped her ankles, gazing through her legs to glimpse Joe looking at her, upside down, his eyes staring intently at her ass, his hand stroking his cock faster and faster.  Maybe he would cum by accident, spared from being raped.  He was so intent on watching her that she stayed in position, almost wishing that they would be all he required of her, if it weren’t for the dizziness that was clouding her brain from the blood rushing to her head.


“Back up Kirsten.  Such a great ass, but I want you buck naked.  Get rid of them panties.  You wouldn’t need them anymore around me.  And keep your legs spread like that for me.  I want to see the pink insides of your pussy.  Now strip.”  Joe slowed down his hand, his balls aching from wanting release, but it was her asshole that would receive his first and heaviest load, not his hand. 


She slid her panties down, a tremble racing through her body as the material brushed across her bush, sending vibrations down each tiny follicle.  She kicked them off, standing back up, her thighs clenched modestly together.  She looked at Joe, seeing the look on his face, her thighs reluctantly parting until her legs were spread wide apart, feeling the cool night air blowing on the insides of her pussy lips, realizing how exposed she was. 


She had a neatly trimmed bush, framing her pussy almost like a portrait.  Her full lips were parted, the pink inner lips exposed, Joe catching the light reflecting off the juices that covered her pussy.  Like most girls he had done this to, they became excited from the forced stripping, in spite of the shame.  To be controlled sexually was a powerful aphrodisiac for the untrained.  “Pull your lips farther apart with your fingers and spread your legs real wide.  I want to be able to see inside you.”  His hand made broad strokes up his cock.


Her hands reached down, surprised to find how wet her lips were, pinching tighter as she began to pull her lips apart to his obscene request.  She spread her legs wider, the pose now so perverse, holding herself open for his visual rape of her body.  But she had no choice, standing there was his eyes inspected her so intimately.  But she knew it would only get worse, sure what his next order would be.  At least in that position she would have to watch his face as his eyes explored her naked body.


She would be tight, but almost any girl or woman was tight for his giant cock.  When she was finished with him she would only compare her future lovers to him, finding them all lacking in size, in spite of being raped.  No one would be able to satisfy her like he would.  “Your ass, show me your ass.  Bend over real deep, legs spread wide.  And peel back your cheeks with your hands.  But don’t hide that cute little asshole from me.  I want to see that tiny hole.”  He would finally see the tiny hole that would have to stretch to monstrous proportions to take his cock.  Unlike a pussy, it would never shrink back in size.  It would forever be ruined by his raping cock, but he cared little except his own pleasure.


Her legs spread, her back bent over deeply, she reached back, finding her cheeks, pulling them back until she could feel her tiny backside opening.  She couldn’t stop her muscles from clenching uncontrollably, sure that it was giving Joe an obscene show.  Why would he want to see her backside?  She had heard of sodomy, but that was only for gays.  He wouldn’t do such a thing to her.  It felt like hours before his voice broke the silence of the room.


“Very lovely Kirsten.  Such a delicate flower.  Now over here,” wagging his cock at her as she turned around.


She was afraid of what he wanted, forcing her to kneel in front of him, his hand still holding his cock, the head glistening from the cum that leaked out the tip.  She had used her hand on her boyfriends cock, but refused his requests for her mouth.  She couldn’t do such a filthy thing, taking a leaking organ in her mouth.  She reached out for his cock, hoping to please him with her hand.


He saw her enthusiasm but it wasn’t that she wanted to do it, Kirsten just hoping to avoid using her mouth.  He let her continue, her inexperienced hands not able to handle such a long and thick prick, her strokes jerking and unnatural.  “Lick it Kirsten.  You’re not very good with your hands.  With your mouth, all you have to do is keep your lips tight and your tongue racing over my cock.  I’ll do the rest.  You’re going to have to get it nice and wet or else its going to tear you up when I shove it in you.  You don’t want that, do you?”  His cock jerked in excitement when her pink tongue slipped out her mouth, wetting her lips in anticipation.  She might hate what was being done to her, but she was submissive.  He almost came when her tongue licked hard across his cock, his balls tingling.  God, her hot breath was exciting him, fighting the urge to pull her face down on his cock until he came in her mouth.  Her tongue was much better than her hands, taking long, broad strokes up and down his shaft, but seeing her make sure that she didn’t lick the head.


She had no choice, her tongue moving out her mouth, moving closer until she licked the side of his cock.  She felt it jerk, Joe holding it still as her head moved up and down, spitting on his cock as her tongue rasped along the length.  She choked once, an errant hair slipping into her mouth, reminding her what she was licking.  She saw the crème leaking from the head, hoping she could keep it from her mouth. 


“Now in your mouth Kirsten.  Open real wide and take the head in.  Than I want your tongue to dance over it.  Taste my cum.”  He saw her pleading eyes, but he was beyond reason, his cock wanting to enjoy her hot, tight mouth.  His hands went to the side of her head, pushing her over until her mouth was posed submissively over his cock, her mouth opened wide, waiting for the moment he would push his cock inside.  His cock shuddered in ecstasy from her hot breath, pushing down her hand until he felt her lips sliding over the thick head until the helmet was fully in her mouth, her lips clenched just below the lip running around the edge of the helmet.  “Your tongue, use your tongue now!”  He was beyond reason, his hand pushing hard onto the sides of her head until she complied with his request. 


“MMMGGG,” her mouth filled with hot, pulsating flesh, his salty cum instantly assaulted her taste buds.  Her lips felt like they were tearing, his thick cock splitting them open.  Her tongue moved over the head, a rush of hot, thick cum filling her mouth with the terrible taste, her face grimacing.  His hands felt like her head was in a vise, guiding her head up and down on his cock as though she were a puppet, her hands clenched uselessly at her sides as she endured the oral rape.  The thick flesh filled her mouth, her cheeks bulging out.  Her nostrils flared as she tried to breathe, her lungs deprived of the precious oxygen, her tongue moving faster in hopes of pleasing him.


Joe jerked his hips, shoving more of his cock in her mouth, his hands holding her tight as she gagged when the head of his cock banged against her throat.  He held her still, his balls tingling, his sphincter clenched tight as he fought the urge to cum.  He felt it, a sudden rush of cum shooting from his cock into her mouth, Joe fighting the urge to pump all of his sperm into her reluctant mouth.  He won, finally able to stem the pleasure that raced through his body, holding her still on his cock.


He was beyond reason, Kirsten choking and gagging as he tried to plunge his cock down her throat.  Her head hurt, his hands too powerful, her mouth just a receptacle for his lust.  She was huffing and puffing, unable to fill her lungs with the air through her nose.  Then she felt it, a burst of hot, thick crème that filled her mouth, Kirsten gagging, swallowing some of the thick crème, choking her again.  Did he cum?  It was her only hope to save herself from the inevitable rape.  She waited to see if he was finished, patiently letting his thick cock sit inside her mouth as if it were a natural thing.  He stopped, not moving for long minutes before he pulled out, Kirsten’s head falling down, sucking in vast amounts of air to fill her burning lungs.  She looked back up, surprised to see his prick still hard and erect, though glistening with her spit.


“You almost made me cum.  But I am saving myself for your asshole.”  He saw the shocked look on her face as his words settled in.


“NNNNOOOO!”  No amount of lubrication could allow his thick cock into her tiny backside without tearing her to pieces.  “Rape my pussy,” she pleaded with him, anything to avoid the painful sodomy he was planning.


“You’ll not only take it in your ass, but you’ll sit on my cock.  I’m going to lie back while you do all the work.  And I want it all stuffed inside you.  All foot of my cock in your bowels.  Then you’ll ride me until I fill your guts with my cum.  If you don’t, I’ll beat your ass raw and then you’ll obey.”  He grabbed the pair of nipple clamps and vice grips from his pocket and moved over to her pretty white bed, laying his sweaty ass on her comforter, his hand propping his cock until it stood straight up into the air.  “Now straddle my hips and put my cock in your asshole Sweetie.”  He slapped the buckle of the belt down on the bed.  “I hope you try to defy me.  I love beating a pretty girl’s body.  It will make my cock harder.”  He stroked his cock up and down, seeing the look of surrender on her face.  “Get your ass over here now!”


She wouldn’t survive being beaten, knowing that he was a sadist that derived pleasure from her pain.  She crawled on her bed, her naked body moving up until she spread her legs wide, her knees on either side of his hips, her crotch aching from the wide expanse.  She looked down, her pussy pulled back obscenely.  But it was her asshole, her tiny backside that he was going to rape.  She looked at the thick cock, sure that it would forever tear her apart.  “Please,” she begged, sobbing, but he only grinned evilly at her, his hand never leaving his cock.


“It’s nice and wet, thanks to your lovely mouth.  Now push it against that tight little asshole.”  He saw her raise up, scooting forward, Joe holding his cock up into the air until her little, soft hand encircled it. He settled back, groaning softly as he felt her hand rubbing it back and forth between her cheeks, his cock jerking in pleasure at the delicious friction.  He watched her face as her hand pushed it until he felt her hot, humid hole pushed against the head of his cock, her face grimacing as she began to push her body down onto his waiting cock.


It was huge, like a baseball bat shoved against her, groaning as she pushed her body down, feeling the head of his cock begin to breach her tiny hole.  It would never fit.  She hated the look he gave her, so smug, forcing her to do such a terrible thing.  Her backside began to burn, the head of his cock relentless, her own weight forcing it inside her.  She felt her muscles resisting the intrusion, the uncontrollable clenching making the burning worse. 


Joe wished he could see her asshole as it tried to swallow his cock, but he felt it, the muscles gripping the head as it slowly and relentlessly pushed inside her.  He saw the pained look on her face, his hands reaching out to grip her hips.  “Ride it honey,” he urged her, his hands making her hips move from side to side, dancing on his cock. 


“EEEEGGGGGGGHHH!”  The scream torn from her lips was inhuman, Joe’s hands on her hips holding her from pulling back, Kirsten feeling the tearing as his cock head shoved inside her anus.   “NNNNOOO!”  She struggled to get loose, but Joe held her pinned on his cock, Kirsten sure that she was bleeding, her tiny hole torn from the thick cock.  The fat head of his cock had stretched her hole, tearing it until it swallowed the thick flesh.  It hurt terribly, the cock jerking inside her rectum, pushing painfully against her muscles as her reluctant muscles tried to force the invader out.  It was as if she were trying to shit a log out.   


Joe enjoyed the pleasure her tight asshole gave him, her muscles clenching on the head of his cock as if it were in a vice, squeezing the blood from the tip.  He fought her attempts to escape the rape of her asshole, the powerful muscles in his arms able to keep her in submission.  “Take more of it,” he ordered her.  He picked up the pair of vice grips, teasing the cold metal against one of her stiff nipples, watching as it rose to the occasion.  He opened the vice grips, surrounding the swollen bud in the cold metal. He began to squeeze tight, trapping the delicate bud between the unyielding metal.  She screamed again as he pinched her nipple savagely. 


She was sobbing loudly, the cock poised inside her asshole hurting terribly.  Now he had pushed the vice grips over her nipple, Kirsten unable to do anything but cry out as he trapped her delicate nipple between the cold, hard steel and pinched it tight.  She thought he was going to tear it off as she screamed in pain.  How could he enjoy her pain so much?  She shook her chest, trying to free her nipple from the bite of the vice grips, but Joe’s hand followed her every movement, Kirsten crying in pain.  His hands tightened on her hips, Kirsten feeling the stretching of her insides as his cock continued to bore deep into her guts, sending her soft passage into a series of spasms as her insides stretched to accommodate the girth of his monster cock,  “NO MORE!”  She cried out in pain, the continuous shoving of his cock sending her body into convulsions. 


Her guts surrounded his cock in a warm, soft blanket of pleasure, milking his throbbing flesh as if tiny fingers were racing up and down his thick stalk.  Her muscles clung to his cock as he pushed in, pulled back out, then thrust back in to go deeper each time, sobs of pain elicited from her lips with each thrust.  Joe grunted with each thrust, his hands holding her submissively on his cock as he forced her to ride his cock, Kirsten forced tall by the rigid member in her bowels.  “What a tight, hot asshole Kirsten,” Joe exclaimed in joy as her tight anal ring slid up and down his shaft as he jerked her up and down on his cock as if she were a puppet.  “You got lots more to take inside you.”  Only half of his cock was inside her, refusing to stop until she had taken all of it in her guts. 


She could barely breathe, the thick cock taking its toll on her battered body.  Her asshole felt torn, the tiny hole forced to engulf the thick shaft of his cock.  Her anal ring burned as it was forced up and down the thickness of his flesh, the fat head relentless as it bore deep into her soul.  Her stomach cramped with each painful shove into her asshole, her muscles battered into submission by his thick cock.  She gulped as if she were swallowing his cock, her insides pushed painfully aside to accommodate the pulsating flesh.  She reached down beneath her, surprised and fearful that only half of his cock was inside her.  It hurt so bad now, what would it feel like to take all of it inside her?  And then he would fuck her.  It felt like her guts were being sucked out by the powerful vacuum formed by his cock as he pulled out, only to gasp in pain as he shoved back in, each time going deeper, each time the pain in her guts increasing.  Her body was being tossed around like a rag doll, pushed up and down on the thick cock as if it were a spear piercing her very soul.  When she didn’t help him by pressing down on the cock, his fingers would tighten the vice grips on her nipple, alternating between the two of them until they both felt like bruised and battered. 


He tightened the vice grips onto one nipple, letting it fall, her once proud breast pulled harshly out of shape, her nipple trapped between the metal, stretched while she screamed in pain.  “Take all of it bitch!  Take my fat cock inside your bowels!”  He pushed hard with his hips, driving his cock inside her, his hands on her hips, pulling her down until his cock was buried deep in her bowels, jerking in pleasure as her soft guts gripped his cock in a sea of rippling flesh.


Her nipple felt like it was torn from her body, looking down to see it yanked obscenely out of shape.  But she could dwell little on it, the powerful thrust in her asshole sending his cock so deep inside her that it felt like it was going to come out her mouth.  She couldn’t even scream any longer, barely able to breathe, the thick cock filling her insides with his unyielding hard flesh, her insides forced around it..  It jerked and throbbed inside her, each movement forcing a groan of pain from her lips.  She was sure that he rendered her asshole useless, torn and bleeding.


“Time to ass fuck now Kirsten.  You’ll forever remember this.”  He began to force her up and down on his cock, his cock pulling back until only the head was gripped by her clenching muscles.  Then he shoved her back down forcefully, her body weight impaling her ass guts around his cock until he banged deep into her bowels.  He rode her for over twenty minutes, fighting the urge to cum, not wanting to end the pleasure that her hot, tight hole brought to his raping cock.


She shook her head back and forth in pain, sending the vice grips dangling harshly, trapping her nipple into a painful bite.  The cock bore in and out of her ruined asshole, tearing the soft passage, beating her muscles into submission as she sobbed in pain.  Joe was fucking her hard and fast, the friction heating up her delicate passage, sending powerful cramps into her guts when he plunged deep inside her.  She couldn’t stand much more, feeling like he had ass fucked her for an hour.  Her only hope was that he would cum inside her, ending her pain and misery.  “Cum in me,” she begged him.


“Gladly bitch.  Grip my cock.  Make me cum with the delicious clenching of your hot insides.”  He fought the urge to cum, wanting to force her to service his cock.


It hurt worse when she tightened her muscles but she had to end this misery.  His cock tore in and out, only intent on his own pleasure, sodomized like a whore.  It took five more minutes before her pain ended, his cock shoved deep into her guts until he emptied his balls into her bowels, spraying her insides with a powerful jet of his crème.  He pulled back out, his cock still spewing cum, only to plunge back in.  It burned, the salty cum bathing her battered insides, rubbed raw by his raping cock.  She could almost feel her belly swell as he unloaded his foul seed in her virgin asshole, jerking as it flooded her guts.  Three times he came in her, Kirsten not sure where all his cum came from, filling her until she could hear it sloshing around inside her, his cock still semi-rigid as he rode her until he was finished with her.  Her muscles finally pushed his softening cock from her asshole, a flood of cum rushing out, Kirsten tightening her burning muscles.  Thank God he was done with her, Kirsten rolling off to crumple into a ball on the bed, sobbing.                                                                                                             


Joe yanked her by her hair.  “You ain’t finished yet bitch.  Can’t leave my cock dirty.”  When her mouth opened to scream, he thrust his cock into the waiting hole, feeling her soft lips surround it.  “Lick it clean or I’ll beat your ass!”  He slapped her ass with the belt, the sharp snap sending her tongue to work, eagerly hoping to please him.


She screamed in pain, his hands pulling her hair until it pulled out by the follicles, her eyes watering in pain.  She felt her mouth filled with the foul taste of his cock, her lips pushed wide apart, the flesh slick with his cum and dirtied by her asshole.  She grimaced, fighting the urge to vomit, the foul taste permeating every corned of her mouth.  The belt on her ass laced across her skin, igniting a pain that Kirsten hoped to avoid, praying that he wouldn’t use the buckle on her.  She had no choice, her tongue racing up and down the thick cock that sat in her mouth, cleansing the dirtied flesh, gulping as she fought the urge to vomit in disgust.  She felt it growing hard again, the shaft reaching to the back of her throat.  No again!


She was doing such a good job that his cock began to harden instantly.  “You sure no how to suck cock baby.”  He pulled his cock from her mouth, his shaft glistening from the saliva that bathed it clean.  He stroked it a few times, growing larger, harder.  He pushed her over onto her stomach, his knees pushing between her thighs, pinching the flesh until she complied and spread her legs.  He laid down on her back, his hands reaching between their bodies, gripping his cock and rubbing it up and down her crack, the head still wet with her spit.   He pressed it against her asshole.  “Gonna do you again baby!”   He thrust his hips forward, sending his cockhead through her resisting hole, burying the head into her rectum.  “Now you’ll feel what it means to be ass raped!”  He pushed her body hard onto the mattress as he began to sodomize her, his hips jerking his cock up and down her asshole.


She couldn’t believe it, Joe forcing her down on her belly, legs spread wide.  She felt his hot cock at the entrance of her asshole, shoving hard inside her as she screamed in pain.  It hurt worse, her poor asshole already torn, subject to another ass fucking, his hips driving his cock up and down her backside, his hands holding her pinned submissively on the bed as if she were a butterfly spread to a board for show.  Her throat was too raw to scream, her head pushed into the pillow as he pounded away in her asshole.  She looked at the clock, the minutes ticking slowly, his cock pounding in and out for almost half an hour.  He jerked her up onto her knees, his hands holding her hips, making her dance on his cock as he ass raped her, finally sending his cum deep inside her.  She didn’t even protest when her mouth was used to clean his cock, relieved that it didn’t grow hard in her mouth.  She had finally sated his lust.  She slumped into a pain racked sleep.


To be Continued.






A kinky fairytale with a sensual twist











Cinderella: Bound for The Prince is a kinky fairytale with a sensual twist. Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are not just mean but evil - and they treat her cruelly and treat her as a slave.

Prince Michael holds a ball to find a bride. On the night of the ball, Cinderella, young and innocent, cries in the kitchen after her sisters have left for the ball. Then, a beggar taps softly at her door. Disturbed by her crying, Straparola, her fairy godfather, has appeared to help her attend the ball. But this fairy godfather expects a proper thanks and pleasuring. Once paid, it takes him only a flip of his magic wand to transform Cinderella into the beautiful Ella and send her off in a royal carriage.

At the ball, Ella captures the prince’s heart and his very wicked desires and she realizes that as his future bride she can have anything she wants. Unlike most fairytale heroines, Cinderella finds that she doesn’t want happiness; she wants revenge on her stepmother and stepsisters. The aristocrats have for centuries taken their pleasure at the Hellfire Club, where their most decadent appetites for domination are fulfilled. Prince Michael’s ancestors were leading members and he promises Ella her stepmother and stepsisters will be brought there for any revenge she wants, but only if she will submit to him. Each time Cinderella has to transform into Ella, Straparola also demands her innocent body as a reward. Ella agrees to both men’s bargain – no price is too high to pay for revenge.

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are summoned to the palace where they will be given the riches and noble titles they dream of, but the price they must first pay is public humiliation, defilement and strict punishment -- in the confines of the Hellfire Club. It is an offer they cannot refuse.

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